Introduction to PortalCX

An overview of what PortalCX is, how it functions, and the benefits to your Customer Experience.

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What is PortalCX?

PortalCX is a Customer Experience platform that allows you to improve the relationship you have with your customers and provide enhanced customer experiences with them through:

  • Improved Communications via Email & SMS.

  • Project Transparency

  • Referral Functionality

  • Increased team efficiency

  • Project Analytics

What functions does PortalCX Offer?

PortalCX offers an array of functions that help you improve your customer experience.

Project Timeline Communication

Whenever a customer is moved through a project stage from your team, they will receive a notification via their communication preference (E-mail or SMS). This message will contain a visual summary of where they are in the process at your company.

Customized Project Portals for Customers

With PortalCX, you have the ability to fully brand & customize the look and feel of the portals that customers receive (as seen above). This means you are able to select colors, add your logo, and implement any type of messaging you would like. This gives you full control of how customers experience this communication.


The PortalCX platform offers you the ability to request referrals from your current customers. Within the platform, we will identify which user made the referral so that you can give them credit or track how many new customers someone is referring to you.

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