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Product Tour | Getting Oriented

An overview of the PortalCX platform.

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Getting familiar with a new software tool can be overwhelming. This help article will guide you in becoming more familiar with the PortalCX platform and where to find the most common tools/features you will need to be effective in your daily use of the product.

The Portals Dashboard

When you log in to PortalCX, the first place you are directed to is the Overview Dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of everything you need to know about current projects, KPIs, etc.

Side Navigation Bar

Off to the left side of this dashboard, you will see a vertical navigation bar with icons. If you hover over each icon, a label will pop up by the pointer arrow that lets you know what feature/section of the platform that is. In time, you will learn to recognize these icons.

The options are:

  • Home - (This is the Portals Dashboard where we are currently)

  • Templates

  • Projects

  • Communication (Future Release)

  • Referrals

  • Settings


Templates are how you control the look and feel of each of your projects. There is where you will include things like your company name, branding (logo), colors, and business contact information.


Projects are what customers receive in their communications that show exactly where they are in the process with your team. When you click on this button - you will see a list of all customer projects. This information is arranged in a table with helpful information. You can use the Filter function in the top right of the screen to adjust the information you are viewing. You can also click "Create Project" in the top right to create a new customer portal.


This screen shows a list of all customer referrals you have received from your existing customers, their contact information, and who referred them to you. You can also easily sort this list of information by a timeframe preference through the filter icon.

Resource Icons

On the bottom left-hand side of the navigation sidebar, you will find the following 3 icons:

The Question Mark icon will link you to our Support Page in the event that you need to get ahold of our Customer Support team or find our Help Center.

The Code Icon is where you will find our API Technical Documentation.

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