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Zapier Example: Create Project Portal From New HubSpot Ticket
Zapier Example: Create Project Portal From New HubSpot Ticket

This is a walkthrough of how you'd integrate PortalCX with HubSpot- generating a project portal when a new ticket comes in.

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First thing we'll need to do is setup new Ticket fields in HubSpot for the PortalID, Customer Name, Customer Email, and Customer Phone. PortalID will be stored back to the HubSpot ticket when we create a project portal in the integration. All fields can be single-line text.

Now create a new ticket in HubSpot that has the new Customer fields. (PortalID will be used later- no need to fill that out on the new Ticket form)

Now lets setup your zap!

Create a new trigger - HubSpot - New Ticket.
If you're using any custom fields, you can specify those to capture in this trigger. See "Customer Name, Customer Email, Customer Phone" below.

PortalCX - Create Project Portal from Template
Choose a pre-built templateId from PortalCX to add here as the project template. Fill in the fields from the hubspot ticket.

Save the PortalID back to the HubSpot Ticket with the "Update a Ticket" action.

Object ID will be the ID field of the new hubspot ticket in the first step.

Find the PortalID field for the ticket and add it from the PortalCX action.

You're now able to use this ticket's PortalID to run updates from HubSpot to the project portal in PortalCX!

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