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Zapier Example: Complete a Project Stage in PortalCX from HubSpot Ticket Stage
Zapier Example: Complete a Project Stage in PortalCX from HubSpot Ticket Stage

This is a walkthrough of how you'd complete a stage in a PortalCX project when a HubSpot ticket moves into a new stage.

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First thing we'll need is a PortalCX PortalID as a field on your HubSpot Ticket as described here:

Now that we know we'll be able to find the PortalID for reference, we can run Actions in Zapier with the PortalCX app for the project.

Lets create your Zap:
1. New HubSpot Trigger: "New Ticket Property Change in HubSpot"

You'll need the RecordID, The Date Entered or Date Exited on the particular stages you're wanting to trigger from, the Ticket Status and the PortalID properties to use from the trigger. And trigger from the Property Name: Ticket status

2. Next, add a new Path. This will store your logic as to which stage to update in the PortalCX Project based on your HubSpot Ticket status.

3. Next define your flow based on Ticket status. This compares the object value from HubSpot of the Install Complete stage from my HubSpot ticket stages. You can see what these values are in HubSpot. They don't change after you've created your Stages in HubSpot.

(Hint: click Edit Stages from your Tickets page in HubSpot, then to find the value or Internal Id to use here click the button next to your stage to find it: )

4. Next, build your PortalCX Action: Complete a Project Stage

5. Next fill in the fields for your action

You can get all the information you'll need from that trigger. Remember the actual Ticket status (pipeline stage) from HubSpot is called "Install Complete" in my HubSpot, however the actual value for selecting that stage and interacting with it is a number - 94757176. Anywhere i'm seeing this number is a representation of the HubSpot Ticket status: Install Complete. So as you can see here, I'm setting the PortalCX project stage "Install Complete" date completed based on when my HubSpot Ticket entered the 94757176 (Install Complete) stage in my HubSpot.

Conclusion: HubSpot and PortalCX can interact well together. It's a bit of a learning curve but there are boundless possibilities as well.

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