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Subdomain Feature
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PortalCX offers the ability for you to have your customers access their project portal from a subdomain that is branded for your company ( This is beneficial, as it allows the customer to access their project information directly from your website while maintaining your brand look and feel.

Additionally, you can create a URL associated with a Template so that you can control the link sent out on each project associated with that template.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get your subdomain setup with PortalCX.

  1. Click on Settings on the left navigation bar

  2. Under the Global tab, click the 'Add Subdomain' button

4. Follow all the prompts on the following screen

5. Click on Submit

6. Test your subdomain by going to the URL you entered during setup.

7. Now, you can use this customized link on your website for customers to login or in any of your customer communications.

This completes the subdomain process!

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