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Portal Projects: Overview & Management
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Portal Projects are what customers receive in their communications that show exactly where they are in the process with your team. When you click on this button - you will see a list of all customer projects. This information is arranged in a table with helpful information. You can use the Filter function in the top right of the screen to adjust the information you are viewing. You can also click "Create Project" in the top right to create a new customer portal.

Creating a Portal Project

Before you create a Portal Project, you will want to make sure you have created a Template beforehand. If you need to do this, visit our Template Overview help article. Follow these steps to create your first Portal Project:

  1. Login to PortalCX by navigating to:

  2. Click on Projects on the left-side navigation bar

3. Click on "Create Project"

4. Select the Template you created with the "Project Type" pull-down menu.

5. Complete the remaining fields on this screen

6. Click "Save Changes" button on the bottom left of the screen when finished

Managing Active Projects

When you are on the Projects Page within PortalCX, you are able to view and manage all of your active projects. You can easily view the customer name, e-mail, phone number, creation date, last updated date, project stage, project type (template used), status, and also click a link to view that portal. Note: when you hover over the header columns in the Project Dashboard, you can sort by any column you need to display the information in a different order, ascending or descending.

Need More Help?

If you run into an issue or have questions, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

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