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Referrals: Overview & Management
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Referrals are a very useful feature of PortalCX. This feature shows a list of all customer referrals you have received from your existing customers, their contact information, and who referred them to you. You can also easily sort this list of information by a timeframe preference through the filter icon.

Viewing Your Referrals

  1. Login to PortalCX by navigating to:

  2. Click on Referrals on the left-side navigation bar

3. This will bring you to an overview dashboard to see all of your Referrals

4. To sort this dashboard by date, you can click on the date filter on the top right-hand corner.

5. If you would like to download this information, simply click the "Download" button.

Need More Help?

If you run into an issue or have questions, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

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