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Company Settings
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The Company Settings page allows you to have powerful control over your PortalCX platform. Here you can change your company information, add or remove users, and manage your billing with PortalCX.

Getting to Company Settings

  1. Login to PortalCX by navigating to:

  2. Click on Settings on the left-side navigation bar

3. From here, you can select what settings you need to alter:

Global: This is where you can edit your Subdomains, Phone Number, and API Tokens.

Company Info: Where you would change your Company Name, E-mail Address, & Phone Number

Users: This is where you would add, remove, or edit users associated with your PortalCX account.

Billing: This is where you can alter your subscription & billing information for your PortalCX account.

Profile: This is where you can update information specific to your company.

Need More Help?

If you run into an issue or have questions, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

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